Permission to Access a Restricted Ecological Reserve

Permission may be required to access some Ecological Reserves because of special management or conservation concerns in the area. Permission may be granted in the form of a letter of permission or verbally in a phone call with designated staff.

Why is permission required?

Ecological Reserves are selected to preserve representative and special natural ecosystems, plant and animal species, features and phenomena. Sometimes, due to the sensitive nature of the natural feature, it is necessary to restrict access to the site. Where access has not been restricted by legislation but where there are special management or conservation concerns in an Ecological Reserve, permission to access the site is required. Request for Permission Application.

Permission authorizes an individual, group, or organization to carry out a specific activity and outlines the specific conditions under which the proposed activity may occur.

In addition, by legislation, permits are required for access to a site for scientific research or education purposes and/or other specific activities in Ecological Reserves.