Jerry’s Nature Quest…Adventure awaits in BC Parks!

Nature Quest

Jerry’s Nature Quest is a great opportunity to explore BC Parks!

Download Jerry’s Nature Quest before you visit a park. Jerry’s Nature Quest was designed to be completed in one park, in one visit. Explore the park, and complete the Scavenger Hunt Bingo, the Search for Adventure Word Search, and the Crossword Puzzle. Use the Kid’s Packing List to make sure you have all the essentials needed for adventures in BC Parks!

How to claim your prize

Submit your completed Nature Quest to a Park Operator to claim your PRIZE!. You can also email a photo of your completed Nature Quest to, along with your complete mailing address, to receive your prize by mail.

Adventure in BC Parks!

Instructions for Scavenger Hunt Bingo

It’s time to get out and do some exploring in the park!

1. Find examples of the items named in each square.

2. Draw a picture in the square of what you saw (e.g. pine cone).

3. Complete one row or one column. For an extra challenge, see if you can complete all the squares.

4. Be park smart! Remember to be considerate of other people, plants and animals while enjoying the park.

Adventure in BC Parks!

Crossword Puzzle Solution


5. Only the female of this type of insect will suck your blood. (mosquito)

6. My front teeth which are orange, and NEVER stop growing! I’m a rodent and my scientific name is castor (beaver)

7. I’m a bird that can hear bugs in trees and use my special beak to get them (woodpecker)

9. I’m long and green (and secrete mucus, ew!) I’m also named after a banana (banana slug) 2 words

10. When I hang out with all my friends and family, we’re called a “murder” (crows)

11. I’m the reason campers need to put away all food (bear)

13. You may see me running up trees or jumping between branches (squirrel)

14. I live in water and people try to catch me on a hook (fish)


1. Most wildfires are caused by what? (humans)

2. I love nectar and people love my big wings and bright colours (butterfly)

3. BC Parks famous mascot, Jerry, is this type of animal (moose)

4. I take care of BC Parks and make sure people, animals, and habitat are safe, healthy, and pristine (Park Ranger) 2 words

8. I have five fingers and people say I look like a robber (raccoon)

11. We fly at night and use sound to catch bugs (bats)

12. I use the energy of the sun to grow (plants)