Babine River

The Babine River has been the focus of considerable attention from conservationists and industry alike. Its 120 km course from Babine Lake to the confluence with the Skeena River passes through as impressive wilderness and scenic canyons as can be found in this province. A wide variety of wildlife species thrive in the river basin, with particular attention given to probably the finest grizzly-viewing opportunities in the province.

The Babine also supports an extremely productive fishery of anadromous fish species and has an international reputation for its steelhead population. As a result, recreational values of the area for kayaking, rafting, fishing, hunting, fish run viewing, wildlife viewing, nature study, and camping are very high. Forestry activity in the area, particularly with its influence on access to the watershed, has been the primary industrial interest in the region.

The Bulkley and Kispiox Land and Resource Management Plans have resulted in provincial park designation over a significant corridor along the Babine River.

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