Frontcountry Camping Fees for BC Seniors

From the day after Labour Day to June 14th, discounted frontcountry camping fee rates are available for British Columbia residents who are 65 years of age or older. During the peak season (June 15 – Labour Day, inclusive), there are no seniors’ discounts.

These rates apply when the camping party has at least one BC resident senior, and where all other adults in the party (to a maximum of 4) are either a BC senior or a spouse (or equivalent, e.g. partner) of the BC senior. Children/grandchildren (under 16 years of age) are also welcome, providing the total camping party doesn’t exceed 8 people.

The seniors’ rate is equal to whichever is less:
  • a campsite’s regular summer camping fee divided by two
  • a campsite’s winter camping fee (if currently in effect)

For example, if a campsite is usually $30 per party, the senior rate will be $15 (half price). But if the winter camping fee is $11 and is in effect, then the seniors’ rate will be $11.

This discount does not apply to group camping, group picnicking, backcountry, marine, cabin, or day-use fees. Reservations charges and fees-for-services offered by park operators, such as firewood, electrical hookups, yurt and RV rentals, are not discounted.

A second vehicle (non-RV) may be allowed on site for an additional nightly charge of 1/2 the campsite fee paid by the senior (to a maximum of $12/night).

Park operators may ask to see proof of age and British Columbia residency.


The BC Seniors rate only applies to camping fees. The discount does not apply to reservation charges or additional services offered by park operators, such as firewood and electrical hook-ups.

If you are making a reservation, you must choose the BC Seniors rate at the time you make your booking to recieve the discount on your camping fees.

  • Online: Visit the BC Parks reservation system website. Choose the BC Seniors rate at checkout.
  • Over the phone: Contact our call centre at 1-800-689-9025. Tell the agent you would like the BC Seniors rate when making your booking.