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During a campfire ban, smoking is restricted in all public areas of a park or protected area. Please read this Information Bulletin.

Kt’ii/Racey Inlet Conservancy

About This Conservancy

Located on the west side of Princess Royal Island, Kt’ii/Racey Inlet Conservancy shares boarders with Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy and encompasses a small inlet and numerous lakes and wetlands. Racey Inlet is a registered boat haven/anchorage used by many boaters for travel around Princess Royal Island. Visitors to Kt’ii are awarded with scenic waterfalls and good hiking opportunities such as the trail to the waterfall draining Archie Lake. Other popular pursuits in the area include kayaking, sport fishing, camping and wildlife viewing.

Kti’ii/Racey Inlet Conservancy is located within the Gitga’at and Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation territory and is co-managed under an agreement between the Gitga’at First Nation and the Province of British Columbia and the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation and the Province of British Columbia. BC Parks, Gitga’at and the Kitasoo/Xai’xais are dedicated to the protection of natural environments for the inspiration, use, and enjoyment of all visitors. Together they are working hard to preserve this pristine wilderness.
Conservancy Size: 1,261 ha


Kt’ii/Racey Inlet Conservancy is situated on the west side of Princess Royal Island adjacent to Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy. The conservancy is located 65km south of Hartley Bay, 50km north of Klemtu and 130km southwest of Kitimat. The conservancy can only be accessed by air or boat. BC Ferries’ Discovery Coast Passage route from Port Hardy takes visitors to Klemtu, the nearest community.

Nature and Culture

  • History: This conservancy was established pursuant to recent government land use decisions in the Central Coast LRMP area.
  • Cultural Heritage: Located within the Gitga’at, Kitasoo and Gitxaala First Nations traditional territories, Kt’ii/Racey Inlet Conservancy protects cultural heritage values including seasonal campsites and traditional harvesting resources. Traditional uses include fishing, hunting, and trapping. This conservancy is an important area for the Blackfish Clan.
  • Conservation: The Kti’ii/Racey Inlet Conservancy protects a number of small lakes and wetlands used by wildlife and migratory birds.

Management Planning

A management plan is being developed for this park. For more information and to provide input into the process, click here

Activities Available at this Conservancy



Anyone fishing or anglingn British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.


For your own safety and the preservation of the conservancy, obey posted signs and keep to designated trails. Shortcutting trails destroys plant life and soil structure.

There are no developed trails at this conservancy.

Facilities Available at this Conservancy



Please Conserve Firewood. Campfires are allowed but firewood is not provided. Be prepared to bring a portable stove for cooking. If you must have a fire, please burn only dead and down wood, and be sure to extinguish the fire fully. Dead wood is an important habitat element for many plants and animals and it adds organic matter to the soil so please use it conservatively, if at all. You can conserve firewood and air quality by keeping your campfire small.
Walk-In/Wilderness Camping

Walk-In/Wilderness Camping

Wilderness, backcountry or walk-in camping is allowed, but no facilities are provided.